About Us

Founded in 2013, the Michelle Snow Company is a minority women owned business based in Philadelphia, PA. We share and recommend professional solutions to grow, expand, and leverage people for impact because people are the key factor in leading a thriving organization!


Prepared, efficient, effective and motivated people are your ingredient to globalization, sustainable retention, loyalty and rapid increasing revenue or income. Our core service focus includes but is not limited to: Workplace Employee Development, Small Business Solutions, and Essential Referrals & Resources. Corporations, multi-campus institutions or thriving professionals seeking growth and quality care support are well served at Michelle Snow Company, LLC.


Our Core Competencies:

  • Workplace Leadership & Professional Development
  • Professional Speakers Bureau
  • Franchise & Campus Solutions
  • Solutions for Start-Ups & Small Businesses
  • Referrals & Resources


  • HR DEVELOPMENT - Provides pipeline resources for community, national and multi-national clients. More than 90% of training participants apply training education tools for immediate improved scorecard results. Serves corporations, subscribers with employment and career solutions.
  • SMALL BIZ - Provides resources, contracts and income solutions during, and post service delivery. Same day and crisis intervention services with consistent success rate. Over 85% of all clients implement coaching education to launch, improve or leverage strengths for their business/program within 60 days.
  • FRANCHISE & CAMPUS - Proven results with canvas and outreach services for large and small companies, including: ADECCO Corp., CHEVROLET Corp., SONESTA Phl, FRIENDS Center


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